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I am playing a good character that was always doing a double-agent thing. Only completed the game once as angel and it's obviously a. League of Angels – Heaven's Fury is a revolutionary 3D online action RPG that takes place in a fantastical world loosely based on Western mythology.

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slot Agent Angels

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Marvel's Agents of S. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division , a peacekeeping and spy agency in a world of superheroes. The series was the first to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU , and it acknowledges the continuity of the franchise's films and other television series. The S. Several episodes directly cross over with MCU films or other television series, notably Captain America: The Winter Soldier , which significantly affected the series in its first season , and Agent Carter —16 , from which series regular Enver Gjokaj joined the cast for the seventh season. In addition to Gregg, other actors from throughout the MCU also appear in guest roles. Gregg was confirmed to reprise his role that October, and the series was officially picked up by ABC in May


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I know the fits will be different, but it would be really great if I could just use a nergal for them all especially if the rigs were the same. The other two are:. It might be possible to just tank and slowly kill at max ramp up but it is simply inefficient. I think it might be possible though with implants, luck of initial positioning, faction scram or combination of above. In it, I provide fits and tactics for using 2 nergals to dual box all anomic missions except for the Ashimmu one.

Like I said, I was dual boxing, but maybe it might help you to come up with some solo fits -or convince you to train up an alt. I had a play around with this for the Burner Worm Guristas. It is possible to do this with the same rigged Nergal as the other three above , by using sacrificial SW drones to slow down the Worm to get them into disrupt range.

Ste range m. Burn towards worm with MWD on. Once in scram range you can turn off MWD and recall any drones that survived. Then just ramp up the Disintegrator. Target dramiel and click keep at range, web dramiel and turn on afterburner. Deploy drones and assign to dramiel. Be aware that you might get out of web range so you might need to re-activate webs as necessary until you get stable at 13km. Remember to turn off OH on afterburner. Recall remaining drones. At this point, just activate disintegrator and wait.

It took rounds for me a long time. In fact, the whole encounter took 3 mins which is longer than other fits. But, it does mean you can use the same Nergal with same rigs for all five anomic agents. It will only shave off around seconds though because most of the time is waiting for ramp up.

You can speed things up by reducing your transversal by flying the same way that the DD is flying. I was looking for tri fit. Thank you. Before Check cap booster charges you need around Set keep at range Turn on EM hardener. On landing Target Cruor. Click keep at range. Launch Drones drones are safe to use, last tested: Worked off a fit from Hateless games that used a medium cap battery and an aux power core, but I started to run into cap trouble near the end.

I kinda figured the Cruor only needed 1 web, so I might try subbing the cap booster for a cap recharger and the medium cap battery and see if that does the trick.

My fit would be slower in terms of mission completion since it changes one of the rad sinks for an aux power core. I still have more testing to do. He was getting my cap low, but the warning alarms never chimed. I was actually having trouble tracking the Cruor with keep range at 6km. Maybe I landed in an unlucky spot but he was sitting at around 3. I checked the tracking speed of the T2 and Faction gun, they are the same for me.

Anyone else have this issue? Universal fit for Nergal to complete the anomic frigate agents? Juillet Juillet March 3, , am 1. Hi, is there a guide to complete all the anomic pirate agents in a nergal? Has anyone figured it out yet? So burner dramiel is possible with the same fit, using SW drones again. Pre-overheat the afterburner.

Ploing Ploing April 28, , pm 9. Here is the Sansha fit I use. It still works fine post-nerf. OH Both webs. Cyzlaki Cyzlaki June 12, , am Here is the fit I use. Just to get all of them on here, could you post the Cruor fit as well?

Sure - here you go. Same rigs as all the other Nergals. Time to kill: 1m50s. Much Appreciated. Stellar work putting together this all in one fit, and thanks for sharing them! So I did test out the Cruor fit.

On Sisi, tested he did eventually attack my drones, and I lost one Acolyte.

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