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planet millions casino Ecuador

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Ecuador , officially the Republic of Ecuador, is a country in northwestern South America. The diversity of its four regions has resulted in hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna. It has about species of birds. The species of butterflies line the 4,, the reptiles , amphibians and mammals , among others. Ecuador is considered one of the 17 countries where the greatest biodiversity of the planet is concentrated. Most of its flora and fauna live in 26 areas protected by the State. It also offers historical attractions such as Quito , food, and a variety of cultures and traditions.

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Ecuador , officially the Republic of Ecuador, is a country in northwestern South America. The diversity of its four regions has resulted in hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna. It has about species of birds. The species of butterflies line the 4,, the reptiles , amphibians and mammals , among others. Ecuador is considered one of the 17 countries where the greatest biodiversity of the planet is concentrated.

Most of its flora and fauna live in 26 areas protected by the State. It also offers historical attractions such as Quito , food, and a variety of cultures and traditions. Ecuador is crossed from north to south by a volcanic section of Andes 70 volcanos , being the higher the Chimborazo , with m [1] West of the Andes is the Gulf of Guayaquil and a wooded plain; at east, the Amazon. It is the country with the highest concentration of rivers per square kilometer in the world.

Compared with the growth of the tourism sector in June , was taken the decision to separate tourism of information, to be devoted exclusively to promote and strengthen this activity. It consists of 13 large volcanic islands, 6 smaller islands and rocks and islets, distributed around the line of terrestrial equator.

Administratively, the islands are a province of Ecuador, whose capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno officially, also is called Insular Region of Ecuador. Since February 18th, , they constitute a province of Ecuador. It is estimated that the formation of the first island took place more than 5 million years ago, as a result of tectonic activity. The most recent islands, called Isabela and Fernandina , are still in process of formation, the most recent volcanic eruption in has been recorded.

Are called touristically, the «Enchanted Islands» as the flora and fauna found there is virtually unique and it can not be found anywhere else in the world. That is why many people visit them to know and enjoy the animals and unique plants. The remaining area is occupied by human settlements that already existed at the time of the declaration. By then, about people lived in four islands. In the sea surrounding the islands was declared marine reserve. In , it were included in the list of List of World Heritage in Danger , due to mass tourism and invasive species.

Nationally the figures of national park and marine reserve, reflect the commitment of the Ecuadorian government to preserve this important legacy for future generations of Galapaguians, Ecuadorians and humanity in general [3]. It is the ideal place to enjoy a range of activities and attractions.

Situated between Sangay and Llangantes national parks,. It is also known as "The Gate of El Dorado" And "A Bit of Heaven" also offers many attractions: It can visit the Basilica of the Virgin of Rosario de Agua Santa, it can visit different waterfalls, ascend to Tungurahua taking precautions because it is a volcano in eruptive activity , taste melcochas sweet made from sugar cane , there are varieties of handicrafts made in balsa and tagua.

It has a Pink Zone where more than 30 clubs, bars and discos gives tourists a fun and safe environment. Two Huao factions, Tagaeri and Taromenane are uncontacted groups. Significantly, the Ecuadorian Amazon region is rich in oilfields and the oil economy is the pillar on which the economy of Ecuador is held from the s. Given this in the year , the government of Jamil Mahuad declared the southern part of YNP intangible area , to protect uncontacted peoples and preserve the biosphere reserve away from the oilfields.

Since about YNP it has made a proposal called Iniciativa ITT to keep the oil underground by applying a type of international economic compensation, which could not materialize. It is a place with great biodiversity, home to one of the largest concentrations of wildlife, both plant and wildlife. A complex system of wet formations, 13 lakes, rivers and tropical forests that make the , hectares a record for the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. The Cuyabeno has more than different bird species; 60 species of orchid s; over species of fish; a variety of reptiles such as anacondas , alligators and river turtles.

Are estimated at 12 plant species found within the reserve. And many species of mammals , including the tapir Tapirus terrestris. The reserve is also home to rare species such as the river pink dolphin , the hoatzin or eagle of the region, with its wingspan of 8 feet. Since the Cuyabeno reserve belongs to National System of Protected Areas , very few tour operators are qualified to work in this area. This is one reason why many tourists are not visiting the area, so it can enjoy the nature and magnificent sounds.

From December through March is a pronounced dry season; the rainy season is from April to July and from August to November rainfall is moderate.

Many ethnic communities living on the banks of two major rivers, the Alambi River and La Sierra River , in particular, the Cofanes and the Siona- Secoya , both legendary in this area. In May the national park was declared and in was ratified the decree of It takes its name from the ancient pre-Columbian culture that inhabited part of the area, Machalilla. The height of the area ranges from 1 to meters, and the climate is dry.

Machalilla National Park there are four areas: tropical desert scrub, tropical thorn scrub, tropical dry forest and thorny bush premontane. The most common access to the park start every in Cuenca: From there, the road Cuenca-Molleturo crosses in control of Surocucho in just over 30 minutes away; later, this road passes on the banks of the lagoon La Toreadora where are the Administrative Center and Park Information.

Following long to Molleturo , in this way known the northern sector of El Cajas and winds through several major and minor lagoons. To access the park from the coast, the Molleturo-Cuenca route is also the best choice.

With the basic framework of a moorer ecosystem in the park, there are distinct lagoons located on its broad valleys; Among the most important are Lagartococha, Osohuaycu, Mamamag or Taitachungo, Quinoascocha, La Toreadora, Sunincocha, Cascarillas, Ventanas and Tinguishcocha. On the heights of the Western Range of the Andes , west of the city of Cuenca, is El Cajas National Park, mainly formed by large elevations stored inside lake systems interconnected by way of huge boxes, is hence its name Cajas Boxes.

In the area there is not a marked regularity of climate; They are given frequent frosts and there permanent presence of showers drizzle and fog. On the eastern edge of the park it erects a Rainforest Subalpine SA-rf , mainly composed of tree and shrub species diversity of orchids , ferns and mosses.

In the western boundary abound woodble [ clarification needed ] species. The most important birds are the caracara , the condor , the andean toucan , ducks and hummingbirds. The water mouse of Cajas is an endemic species of the park.

Lagartococha Lagoon: On its shores there is camping and the place is very busy with sport fishing. Beside Lagartococha it lies the "Cave of the Deaths". Avilahuayco: serves as a natural lookout or watchtower; the panorama offered from the summit is very attractive because from there are observed "the boxes" that dominate the whole area. Loma de Tres Cruces: It is one of the highest parts of the park where is the water divide between those who go to the lies Amazon and advancing towards the Pacific.

In Mamamag it found other traces of pre-Inca constructions represented by stone steps and foundation of any type of building, presumably rooms for the night; more than housing, these buildings seem to have served as inns, lodges trip, since the site is a key step towards the coast. Cotopaxi National Park is a protected area , located on the border of the provinces of Pichincha , Cotopaxi and Napo in Ecuador , which includes in its space Cotopaxi Volcano.

Its ecosystem hosts several arboreal species, especially pine , which turns the place into a unique site in South America because more reminiscent of an alpine forest than an Andean forest. The park is connected to Quito by Pan-American Highway , four-lane, which allows travel from the city to the park in about an hour and a quarter. An alternative is the train, which also departs from Quito, and it takes an hour and a half to get to Park Station, another alternative would be entering the town of Machachi, addressing the neighborhood Santa Ana del Pedregal, where it can visit some inns.

It has an area of — masl. There are many thick forests and the rest has been destroyed by fire or to plant grasses. Fauna: wolves, pumas , bears, deer, rabbits, condors, wild horses and foxes. Geology: natural lagoons, trails, Cotopaxi snowy. Infrastructure: huts, high mountain center, camp center, community center, shelter for mountaineers. Quilotoa it is a water-filled boiler and the westernmost volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. The 3-km-wide boiler was formed by the collapse of this dacite volcano following a catastrophic eruption years ago, which produced pyroclastic flows and lahars that reached the Pacific Ocean, and spread in the air a deposit of volcanic ash along the northern Andes.

The boiler has accumulated a depth of m crater lake, which has a greenish color as a result of dissolved minerals. Vents are on the bottom of the lake and hot springs occur on the eastern flank of the volcano. Quilotoa is an increasingly visited tourist site. Visitors must pay two dollars each to look from the edge of the boiler. A series of simple Hostels have developed in the immediate area, and offer services such as mules and guides to five-hour hike around the boiler whose diameter is about 9 km , half hour hike down and Camping is permitted at the bottom of the crater, but no drinking water except half-liter bottles sold at the lodge , and only one toilet well, located in the hostel.

It was established the December 15 of The park is an area of mega diversity and a high degree of endemism due to its location between diverse biological systems. It extends over [[km 2 ]]; in both foothills of the Eastern Range of the Andes until the basins of the rivers Nangaritza , Numbala and Loyola.

The national park was established to protect the largest forest in romerillos in the country, consisting of three species of the genus Podocarpus the only conifer native of Ecuador. Within the park it has developed a unique biological environment, especially represented by the only birds in the area. Podocarpus National Park is home to a complex of more than lakes, one of the best known are the El Compadre Lagoon. There are also waterfalls, canyons and various kinds of mammals and plants.

To access the park there are two entrances main corresponding to its biogeographic zones, one is in the Cajanuma Sector 'in the upper biogeographic zone. The other is in the Bombuscaro Sector , corresponding to Bombuscaro river in the lower biogeographic zone. The park has an exceptional flora, it has been considered the Botanical Garden of America as it is located in the territory where overlap the centers of endemism in the northern Andes and Tumbes. In its ecosystems of montane rain forests and lower montane, located in the Nudo de Sabanilla , as well as very wet montane and pre-montane forests in the basin Numbala river, there are over plant species among which stand trees that can measure up to 40 meters as the romerillo, which the park is named, and many other valuable as the cascarilla , called the national tree of Ecuador, and an so many varieties of orchids.

There are specific differences between the vegetation of the moors of the area and the north of the country, basically because they are lower, on the crests of the mountains and in the transition zone of a true moor that does not develop fully, because of the low-lying terrain.

Among the main species found in the region are ragwort, laurel , Aguacolla, uvilla , black elderberry, pumamaqui , sapan, myrtle, cashoco, alder, acacia, sage, white guato, cedar, castor, walnut, yumbingue and sluice. There are over species of birds recorded in the park. Therefore, it is noted as an important area for birds conservation. To visit this place there are four trails: Oso de Anteojos of m with a moderate slope and easily accessible; the cloud forest, m; El Mirador 1.

Also being for day trips, the circuit I could continue down the path El Mirador with a distance of 3. To return to the refuge, but some parts of this trail are difficult, so it requires extra caution on the road. In addition, there are long trails where camping is necessary. Loja is the closest city with airport, but Zamora is also nearby. Loja takes 25—40 minutes to reach to 3 of the 4 entrances, and two hours to reach the Vilcabamba entrance.

Mindo is a parish located in the north of Ecuador and one of the two Parish of San Miguel de Los Bancos canton in the province of Pichincha, about 80 km northwest of Quito. The parish center is a small village located at m high, the region as a whole has about inhabitants engaged in livestock, agriculture, and tourism.

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planet for its richness in amphibians, birds, mammals and plants. million barrels of heavy oil of several oil companies that have activities in Ecuador as.

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