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Food advertising on YouTube channels aimed at children in Brazil

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Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. School of Medicine. Graduate Program in Health Sciences. Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.

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Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. School of Medicine. Graduate Program in Health Sciences. Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. School of Nursing. Department of Nutrition. To analyze food advertising on YouTube channels aimed at children in Brazil and the interaction of the public with this type of advertising.

We analyzed the 10 most popular videos from the 25 YouTube most-watched channels with content aimed at children in the country in The presence of general advertising, food brands and food services was identified. When there was advertising in the videos, the foods and their respective brands were described, the first being classified according to the NOVA system. In cases of advertising of a specific food brand without its product having been displayed or mentioned, the classification was carried out according to the predominance of that company products.

General advertising was identified in In channels led by Kid YouTubers, there was a higher frequency of general advertising, food and food services in the videos. In these channels, the advertisements of food in general and ultra-processed foods were respectively 2. This scenario is related to the recent processes of urbanization, industrialization and modernization, which led to the development of a food environment led by large ultra-processed food companies 3.

The dietary pattern with a high participation of ultra-processed foods is associated with excessive weight gain in children 4. Childhood obesity implies high costs for the health system, arising from the medication and treatment of diseases related to excess weight, in addition to possibly resulting in less productive adults with poorer quality of life 6. This is due to the difficulty of children in recognizing the marketing character of advertising campaigns, given their cognitive limitations 8.

For this reason, health organizations consider advertising aimed at children an inappropriate and unfair practice, which needs to be regulated 9.

However, food advertising monitoring data showed that half of the ads of this type served in , in the programming of three channels open on Brazilian television, had content aimed at children with messages encouraging the excessive consumption of ultra-processed foods In the digital environment, YouTube is a video sharing platform used for different types of communication, including advertising Children have been active users of this platform, both as viewers and sharing their own content kid youtubers.

Although YouTube has registration restrictions for individuals under 13, it is possible to access the content of the platform without the need to register. Currently, the advertising content produced by ultra-processed food companies on YouTube channels in Brazil is known 13 , but the presence of food advertising on YouTube channels aimed at children is yet unexplored.

In the digital environment, children can interact directly with advertising content through likes, comments and shares, as well as access online links and games Therefore, this article aimed to analyze the advertising of food on YouTube channels aimed at children in Brazil in and the interaction of the public with this advertising. Each channel on this list was analyzed individually, according to its description and indicated target audience, and the first 25 channels that presented content aimed at children were of interest to the study Chart 1.

For this, the criteria of Conanda Resolution No. This number was established based on the methodology of a similar study carried out in Malaysia At the time of data collection, two videos were not available for viewing due to content deletion, totaling a final sample of videos.

All videos were watched independently by two researchers on the YouTube platform, using the Google Chrome browser, from January to February The programming of the videos totaled 33 hours and 39 minutes. Besides, the researchers identified whether the channel was led by Kid YouTubers or not.

The first three types of ads, a , b and c , may appear at any time in the video, when authorized by the channel owner, who chooses the format and frequency, but not the content of the advertising.

These ads were excluded from this study because they did not present a display pattern, having no relation to the content of the videos. Thus, only the brands mentioned or shown by videos and that fall into type d were considered as advertising. All advertisements identified in the videos were classified according to the type of product advertised in: general advertising, such as toys and games, and food advertising and food services.

When the presence of food advertising was identified in the content of the video, a description of the products and their respective brands was made. These first were grouped into fresh and minimally processed foods, culinary ingredients, processed and ultra-processed foods, according to the NOVA classification proposed by Monteiro et al.

In cases where there was a display or mention of a food brand in the video, without its product being displayed or mentioned, food advertising was considered and the classification was carried out according to the predominance of the products of that company.

In all cases, the companies corresponding to the brands found in the videos were identified. For this, we used the median and the interquartile range 25th percentile; 75th percentile , because the distribution of these variables did not adhere to the normal distribution curve, according to the Shapiro-Wilk normality test.

In addition, the frequency of general advertising, food and its subclassifications and food services was calculated, as well as the number of food advertising placements in each video. This frequency was estimated in the general sample and in the videos of channels led or not by Kid YouTubers.

Analyses were performed using the statistical software Stata, version The sample consisted of videos published between and , with the majority The videos had a large number of views median: 2. In channel videos led by kid youtubers, there was a higher frequency of overall advertising In addition, ads for the ultra-processed food subgroup were more frequent in videos led by kid youtubers , except for ads for juices or soft drinks and breakfast cereals — videos led by kid youtubers : The same advertisement may contain general, food and food service advertising at the same time.

Similarly, an advertisement may have more than one type of food being advertised. Applies only to food advertising and food services. In addition, of the 30 videos that contained advertising of ultra-processed foods, 67 ad placements were counted.

In the case of channel videos led by kid YouTubers , food advertising placements were 2. For the advertising of ultra-processed foods, this ratio was 2. The most frequent brands are from transnational companies such as Pepsico, Mondelez and Nestlé Table 2. The number of views of videos with general advertising was lower than those without it: 2. This study evidenced the fact that general and food advertising is significantly present in Brazilian YouTube channels aimed at children, especially in channels led by kid youtubers.

These results denote the high potential of exposure of Brazilian children to advertising content on YouTube channels in Brazil, especially when it comes to ultra-processed foods from important transnational companies.

This scenario is critical because these are advertising messages that target an admittedly vulnerable audience 9 ,which should be protected from this type of message. This exhibition takes place on a medium YouTube of great popularity, which can be accessed by children at any time by different devices, without the direct supervision of their parents or guardians.

Added to this is the well-known association between exposure to food advertising and preference for advertised products 8 and between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and unfavorable health outcomes in children and adolescents, including obesity 4. The results of the study also show that, in addition to children being an audience for the published content, they are also creators of content, as in the case of kid youtubers.

In the videos produced by these children, there was a higher frequency and higher number of food advertising placements. The content of kid youtubers videos contains subtle integrations between brand advertising and entertainment, which makes them more difficult to be recognized as advertising content In addition, when commercial content is endorsed by a child, it becomes an important influencer for the consumption decisions of its audience, which usually consists of other children The rate of ultra-processed food advertising identified in this study is concerning.

Similar results were found in Malaysia, where In the United Kingdom, Data in the literature indicate that the greater the interaction of children with advertising, the greater the effect of exposure on eating behavior In Australia, for example, one study showed that to year-olds who liked or shared a food or drink post on social media at least once in the month prior to the survey had a high intake of unhealthy foods, and the more the teens interacted with the content, the higher the consumption Taken together, the evidence found in this study characterizes the low effectiveness of measures to regulate advertising aimed at children in Brazil, which are considered abusive and prohibited by law 10 , It is therefore necessary to advance this agenda, which implies updating the regulatory terms in the context of digital advertising and ensuring the inspection and punishment for this type of advertising.

In the first case, one must add to the regulatory texts the clear definition of advertising in the digital environment, including that carried out by digital influencers such as kid youtubers Some regulatory texts that can be used as inspiration for the regulation of digital food advertising in Brazil is Law No. In Latin America, the Chilean government also restricts advertising of foods deemed unhealthy targeting children under 14 on websites In addition, it is recommended to impose limits on the targeting of advertising through individual data algorithms 25 , as companies can currently extract user location and browsing history data from a digital device and use it to personalize advertising messages.

This is an automated process, called programmatic media, used in the purchase and delivery of ads through algorithms to find and target advertising according to the interests of individuals.

Thus, advertisers can identify where the child is and their preferred content. In the case of inspection, it is necessary to invest in technologies for the systematic monitoring of digital advertising, which capture the multidimensionality of this type of media and the different ways of advertising One path would be the adoption of predefined instruments for the identification of food advertising aimed at children on YouTube channels, including on channels led by child influencers, as provided for in the protocols recently launched by the regional office of the World Health Organization in Europe b.

It is also necessary to overcome the challenges for the monitoring of advertising disseminated by programmatic media, not addressed in this study, in the types of advertising that precede or are broadcast throughout the videos, usually of mandatory viewing, but which do not have an equal display pattern for individuals. Social media platforms can also contribute to ensuring the protection of children from exposure to commercial content.

As for YouTube Kids, although there is a ban on food advertising by large companies, this measure does not extend to influencer-generated content and there is evidence of great inadequacy and negligence on the part of the platform in inspection Likewise, the food industry can act responsibly and make a commitment not to communicate directly with children.

In Brazil, the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation Conar , composed of advertising agencies and advertisers, does not recognize advertising aimed at children as illegal and presents a performance more aligned with market relations than focused on the protection of children in the face of the power of advertising practices It is worth discussing the legal precedent that fined an ultra-processed food company in Brazil, Pandurata Alimentos, for targeting advertising to children.

Despite not being a case of widespread advertising in the digital environment, the focus of this study, the Superior Court of Justice STJ recognized that the company used a promotional strategy to encourage the consumption of low nutritional quality foods by children and, thus, contradicted the guidelines on abuse of the CDC Expanding the number of legal precedents regarding abusive advertising and expanding the recognition that it is also abusive to hire kid youtubers for product advertising are necessary ways to ensure the protection of children against marketing communication.

As for the potential limits of the study, it is first indicated the absence of a pattern of display of mandatory, optional and banner ads, which allowed us to evaluate only a portion of food advertising in videos aimed at children. Thus, it is estimated that the exposure of children to advertising content is even greater on this platform. Secondly, the impossibility of knowing the origin of the interactions, that is, how many of them actually came from the child audience, is also a limitation.

Funding: Graduate program in Health Sciences concentration area: Child and Adolescent Health of the Federal University ofMinas Gerais financial aid to fund the publication fee of the article. Top youtubers in Brazil sorted by SB rank [internet]. Monitoring of marketing of unhealthy products to children and adolescents:— protocols and templates. Quando houve publicidade nos vídeos, os alimentos e suas respectivas marcas foram descritos, sendo os primeiros classificados segundo o sistema NOVA.

Soma-se a isso o elevado montante das receitas globais de publicidade do YouTube, que, apenas em , totalizaram 19,77 bilhões de dólares Todos os vídeos foram assistidos de forma independente por duas pesquisadoras na plataforma do YouTube, usando o navegador Google Chrome, de janeiro a fevereiro de

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