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Brazil’s Sports-Betting Lobbying Battle May Accelerate Broader Gambling Expansion

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Should any player successfully take control of the majority of Senate chambers then they automatically win the game.

Brazil Gambling Vote Imminent In Landmark Year For Lotteries, Sports Betting

Free daily updates at Gay Bingo عربي 汉语 English Français Deutsch Tabelas, fichas de jogo e estatísticas sobre competições, jogadores. Jogo do bicho is an illegal gambling game in Brazil, prohibited by federal law since , but nevertheless very popular throughout the country. the bingo game. For more information see:

jogo senete bing8 plus

With House Bill, Brazil Moves Closer to Legal Gaming

Congress returned to work last Wednesday February 2 with gambling expansion high on the immediate agenda after federal deputies passed a resolution in one of their last acts before the Christmas recess. The December 16 vote assigned urgency status to a long-stalled gambling bill, making it eligible for a final floor vote of all members whenever the Chamber of Deputies is next in session. Although further amendments are expected, Bill no. The traditional numbers game of jogo do bicho would also become legal, while the Ministry of Economy would gain authority to regulate online gaming, complementing an ongoing effort to establish a licensing regime for sports betting. Aside from traditional lottery drawings, horseracing and a brief flirtation with bingo that ended some 20 years ago, all gambling has been illegal in Brazil since the s. The start of a new congressional session has coincided with a series of recent articles and editorials in the Brazilian media about the upcoming vote and the pros and cons of legal gambling.

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Sports betting still faces an uncertain path to implementation in Brazil, with one plausible scenario involving the combination of legal amendments with separate legislation to regulate casinos, video-bingo and all forms of online gaming. Amendments proposed by one senator from Bahia state directly raises the prospect — understood to be very much under discussion in Brasilia — that the provisional measure or its accompanying bill could be broadened to include other forms of gambling beyond sports betting.

With critical support from powerful Chamber Speaker Arthur Lira, the Chamber of Deputies has already passed a bill to authorise dozens of land-based casinos, potentially hundreds of bingo halls with video-bingo machines, plus other forms of online gaming beyond sports betting. That bill has made slow progress in the Senate over the past 18 months, but Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco spoke positively of gambling expansion just a few weeks ago and recently referred the measure for consideration by a Senate committee.

There is also ample past precedent of provisional measures related to lottery games being amended and broadened as they are considered by Congress — indeed, that is how fixed-odds sports betting was approved in the first place nearly five years ago. In general, a regular bill vests more lawmaking power in Congress and specifically the lower house relative to both the executive branch and Senate, with the Chamber having the ability to approve its own amendments to the bill and then either accept or reject any further changes by senators.

Lawmakers can also choose to override the President should he veto any of the provisions of a bill. Carreras has already served in the critical position of rapporteur for the broader gambling bill when it was approved by the Chamber last year, and is assuming the same role for an ongoing congressional investigation into betting integrity and match-fixing. It is inconceivable that Carreras would not be appointed by Lira to serve in a similar capacity regarding any sports-betting legislation that was intended to pass the Chamber, according to sources.

The Senate would then have 45 days to act on the legislation, before the lower house decides on the final version that would be sent to the desk of President Lula.

Industry groups have already voiced deep concern over a headline tax rate of 18 percent of gross sports-betting revenue. When combined with other business and municipal taxes amounting to at least Still, industry representatives argue that high taxes and fees would see many existing operators elect to stay in the offshore market, particularly as players would not be subject to taxes on winnings from unregulated sites.

Other lobbying battlegrounds for sports-betting legislation include potential restrictions on bet types being baked into statute rather than being determined by regulators, and whether Brazilian law should adopt express restrictions on advertising and sponsorships, or instead leave marketing to be governed by self-regulatory standards. Who we serve. Webinars and Podcast.

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