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Costing for the project sits between $ and billion. It will create some jobs through the construction phase. UPC's Australian CEO Anton Rohner said. Activities of Marisa MATIAS · Plenary speeches (79) · Reports (1) · Shadow reports (25) · Shadow opinions (7) · Institutional motions (99) · Oral questions (12).

Jake Dixon won in a thrilling Moto2 Catalan GP - Motorcycle Sports

zam-se por n˜ao necessitarem de um piloto a bordo. Como já foi referido anteriormente os UAV têm tido um papel importante quer para utilizaç˜ao militar quer. Can Coragyps atratus see Death as a Sine Wave? THE RELUCTANT GIGOLO. THE DISRUPTOR. GOD By Larry Lee Slot. Evolution has shaped the mortal's involuntary. piloto pra-quedas piloto vlvula piloto carta de pilotagem pirmide (obstacle) cavilha desprotegido injustificvel, indefensvel; que no pode ser garantido uma. the slots "Slot 1" to "Slot n" are assigned in an adjustable order to the transceiving nodes. Figure 6. FlexRay frame structure [7]. Therefore, these. The proposal is yet to receive planning approval and comes two days after a turbine farm was confirmed for central Tasmania. Source: admin.

garantido piloto militar slots

Jake Dixon won in a thrilling Moto2 Catalan GP

Jake Dixon is back to winning ways in Moto2. This Sunday, the British rider came out on top in an exciting battle until the end of the Catalan GP race, where Albert Arenas made his podium debut. The Spanish rider managed to take the lead on the fifth lap, with Dixon also losing a position to Canet. The positions stabilized in the following laps, but the gaps were close. Canet leads! Acosta took the lead with seven laps to go, and shortly after, Canet lost the second position to Dixon for a brief moment.

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Subject: Travel concessions for old-age pensioners in the internal market. Subject: Financial aid granted to residents of Kefalonia. Subject: Operating licence granted for casino in Helliniko is illegal state aid to Lamda Development.

Subject: Unexpected Greek Government cuts to guaranteed prices for domestic photovoltaic systems. Subject: Data protection, digital industries and Google Analytics in EU institutional web management. Subject: Court order challenged by the Parliament. Subject: Separation of couples, housing crisis.

Subject: Possible funding for activities concerning the sale and supply of typical regional products. Subject: New wave of refugees in Italy: better support and involvement with local authorities. Subject: Compulsive gambling, games of chance and taxation.

Subject: Discrimination in the health sector. Subject: Seventh Framework Programme, funds used by various southern Italian municipalities. Subject: Court of Justice judgment on data retention. Subject: Need for information about Horizon Subject: Guidelines on Vertical Restraints: prohibition of the use of certain platforms eBay, Amazon and the like. Subject: Reform of European policy on persons with disabilities.

Subject: Reforms in European Schools — Abolishing religious studies and replacing mother tongue. Subject: Distribution of funding via Jessica mechanism for viable urban growth in Greece for the period Subject: EU medical graduates who specialised in Italy between and Subject: Associazione Onlus Bonaventura: possible funding for educational spaces.

Subject: War crimes committed in Syria by Europeans. Subject: Protectionism regarding raw materials for the leather industry, to the detriment of Italian and EU companies.

Subject: Unemployment continues to rise in the EU. Subject: Monitoring of guidelines implementation. Subject: Creation of a bilateral body to protect consumers in dealings with car repairers: possible funding and best practice. Subject: Concerns as to the reliability of screening tests carried out on unborn babies in Italy.

Subject: Serious flaw in an encryption system. Subject: Chiang Mai: the Constitutional Court has declared the general elections invalid. Subject: Controls on the quality and storage of foodstuffs in ethnic restaurants. Subject: Construction of a high-voltage line between Portugal and Galicia. Subject: Limits to fishing off Culatra Island. Subject: Water supply pipes containing asbestos and supply failures. Subject: Assessing the compliance of the Ebro river basin management plan with the Water Framework Directive and the Habitats and Birds directives.

Tsoukalas to the Commission. Subject: Use of judicial systems for political reasons in the EU. Subject: Choice of currency for card transactions. Subject: Common rules for paid telephone numbers in particular those of airline operators. Subject: Assistance Coordination Unit mismanagement of Syrian aid money.

Subject: Standardisation of electrical components. Subject: Interpretation of the Posted Workers Directive. Subject: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. Subject: New law on the funding of Greek political parties. Subject: Crop contamination calls under Horizon Subject: Financial guidance for capital-intensive research institutes. Subject: Horizon grants for GM research. Subject: Improving Croatia's rail infrastructure. Subject: Information accompanying transfers of funds.

Subject: Plant Protection Products Regulation. Subject: Destruction of traditional wooden fishing vessels. Subject: The enormous social and economic cost of unnecessary Caesarean sections.

Subject: Respecting the hour period for starting a business in all Member States. Subject: Accelerating Croatia's accession to the Schengen zone. Subject: Increase in orders of military equipment in Africa.

Subject: Discrimination against people with reduced mobility. Subject: Designations of origin in the Valencia region of Spain. Subject: Project bonds and the Castor project.

Subject: Homoeopathic and anthroposophic medicines. In the UK, for example, when people reach a pensionable age they are entitled to a free bus pass and reduced fares for rail travel. Considering that most OAPs are on limited incomes, mutual recognition or harmonisation of travel discounts for OAPs could help pensioners better exercise their right to free movement.

Has the Commission ever considered proposing the mutual recognition of OAP concessions for travel across the European Union? Does the Commission consider that this measure would support the free movement of persons in the European Union? For about a decade the Commission has looked at ways of making the idea a fact. As the obstacles were many and interest in the idea among the Member States was negligible, the Commission abandoned the idea in No new initiatives have been taken since.

The Commission is not aware of any recent estimates of the extent to which travel concessions for old-age pensioners within the internal market could influence the free movement of persons across the European Union. Har Berec informerats om detta? The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority PTS states in a press release that, following the ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union on the Data Retention Directive, it will not take measures to uphold retention rules based on the directive 4.

In the April plenary part-session, the European Parliament confirmed the compromise relating to noise protection at airports that had been negotiated with the EU transport ministers. For those purposes, restrictions on flights — including night flights — may only ever be imposed as a last resort. This new rule is attributable in no small part to the massive lobbying operation carried out by the airlines and by the US government, given that American airlines would be particularly affected by stricter rules on noise protection.

Is the question of noise-related operating restrictions at airports a subject of the on-going negotiations relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP? Can the Commission exclude the possibility that the ability to impose bans on night flights and other operating restrictions will be affected by the TTIP? The question of noise-related operating restrictions at airports has, at this stage, not been a subject of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.

In any case, the recently adopted new rules on noise-related operating restrictions preserve the competence of national and local authorities to decide on the introduction of noise-related operating restrictions. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations will not affect this competence. According to reports in the media, it would appear that:. The year contracts with guaranteed volumes of mixed waste for processing units, which act as a disincentive to prevention and the prospect of reducing the volume of mixed waste produced and undermine sorting at source, composting and recovery of materials?

The oversizing of processing units for mixed waste and, by extension, the waste of public and community resources? The choice of the waste management infrastructure and the supporting financial scheme lies with the Member State concerned provided that the requirements of EC law are met. The Commission is closely following the situation in Greece as well as the preparation of the future national waste management plan in order to ensure that such requirements are duly observed.

A roadmap including a list of recommendations was proposed by the Commission to the competent authorities in 9. On 19 December , the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change approved an operating licence for a facility to enrich mixed ore sulphides in Olympiada. A similar operating licence was also granted for an enrichment and storage facility in Stratoni. The quantities stored vastly exceed the limits stipulated in Article 20, Annex I, Part 2 of the Seveso II Directive and fall under column 2 Article 8 , which stipulates that comprehensive safety measures need to be taken.

The condensates are handled in bulk as if they were inert sand or gravel and are stored in makeshift, exposed hangars. Is the Greek Government obliged to revoke the operating licence in application of the provisions of the aforementioned Directive? Establishments covered by Seveso II 11 are subject to a range of provisions depending on the type of chemicals and quantities concerned. These include measures to prevent accidents, including in relation to land-use planning, and to ensure preparedness for accidents such as safety management systems and emergency plans.

It is possible, however, that the activities of the Hellas Gold enrichment and storage facility do not fall within the scope of the directive, as Article 4 e excludes certain activities in relation to the exploitation of minerals, with the exception of chemical and thermal processing operations and storage related to those operations which involve dangerous substances.

More information would be required to evaluate whether the exception applies. As the Seveso Directive does not include a licensing system, the Commission cannot judge whether or not a permit issued under a Greek system is legal. Member States are free to decide on the suitable means to ensure compliance with the requirements of the directive and it would be for the national competent authorities to ensure that the directive is applied correctly to all establishments falling under its scope.

Should the Commission receive evidence that the activities in question, if covered by the Seveso II Directive, are carried out in violation of EU legislation, it will take all necessary measures to redress the situation. Almost four months have passed since an earthquake measuring 5. At least five hundred people are homeless, the damage sustained by dozens of houses has yet to be repaired and there are still major problems with the road networks and ports, especially on the south of the island.

The archaeological museum of Kefalonia is still experiencing serious issues and the tourism season is set to begin in a few days. However, it has filed an application for financial aid for victims with the EU Solidarity Fund which has yet to be addressed. What other measures to support the residents of Kefalonia have been taken, given that the area has been declared an earthquake disaster zone?

Once the Commission completes its assessment of the application and if the criteria for a regional disaster are met, it will ask for the approval of the proposed aid from the Council and the Parliament.

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The proposal is yet to receive planning approval and comes two days after a turbine farm was confirmed for central Tasmania. Source: admin.

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Sim. Activities of Maria da Graça CARVALHO · Plenary speeches (92) · Reports (6) · Shadow reports (6) · Opinions (3) · Shadow opinions (6) · Institutional motions (11).